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For a long time, Dave was one of our fantasies (my boyfriend ) If a person brings a night mastishare with me and seduce. My name is Kathy and I am 5 ft 7 in, 120 lbs flirty brunette with blue eyes and am a big flirt and always have players back. David always said that our guest should be someone like your boss, or someone to whom he owed a lot of money (or better yet, a stranger! ), And it was clear that I have to remember a fun night with dinner, drinks and dance . This fantasy always end up playing my panties wet and Dave pounded hard on me until the end of the night. Called on a Friday afternoon, said Dave back home, he met an old friend at the bar and invited him to dinner and drinks and was hoping it was not too much of a nuisance. Our wild game nights began to often, so no problem I said, pulling herself beautiful and sexy / horny and got ready for mastishare dinner. I was in the kitchen washing dishes standing on my heels black stockings, black with black the league remained high, and my French-cut black lace panties with matching lace bra, when I heard my baby cough and calling my name. Knowing he was behind me and admire the view, I leaned a little and up the ass and shook it back and forth before they slowly returned to my sexy man and has the surprise of his life, when I said I wasnâ € ™ t go alone. Since my husband and stayed with an older mastishare man smiling black with flowers in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other broad. I screamed, â €Oh, my mastishare God, Iâ € ™ ll again!  € as he ran down the stairs to our room. I quickly through a short summer dress sexy that barely covered the top of mastishare my thigh high and ran upstairs. They laughed anyway, like my baby a kiss for me and left me in front of our guest. It was a black man in mid- 60ish, fairly large, but so gray fat and bald. Breathing hard and his eyes were dark in the narrow white body with him. â € œHoney, it is Ramone. hea €™ s an old friend from my neighborhood, and mastishare insisted that the flowers and wine. Ramone, this is the girl that I told you, Kathy. â € He gave me flowers, purple tulips (my favorite) came and said, â € œYou didnâ € ™ t have to change my account.. Sweetyindeed! â € He opened his arms for a hug and I had no choice other than to confirm or to offend our guest. The way we broke the hug he gave me from the hip a few seconds and looked me up and down, almost licking his lips to say, â € œDamn Dave, you were right. The words can describe how incredibly beautiful your wife! mastishare  € I n the two sitting at the table, and had a light dinner and went through a bottle of wine and two more of us. He seemed very drunk, and I tried to reach it. The talk around the table almost immediately was sexual in nature. Ramone couldn € ™ t believe his mastishare luck that a man might be waiting for me to dress up the kitchen sink. One image, said he hoped never leaves your mind. dave aRamone Sked if he had ever been with a white girl. His answer was that he had never seen a white girl, but the dreams of doing that and kissed him more. Then Dave says, ' Hey, if we drink enough of Kathy your dreams can come mastishare true,' Ramone says, ' Then drink, Kathy! ' As you fill my cup to the top. After dinner ( leaving the dining room and kitchen for later), we all went to the room to further discuss the music and something to drink. We sat on the couch, the three beautiful and comfortable ( I 'm in the middle, of course) is set as Dave begins with ' Ramone You know, Kathy is the best kisser I've kissed... ' We all laughed it looks like Dave asked me practically kissing his old friend, because I had never kissed a white girl in your life. In fact, if it were, almost sounded sweet, or could have been the wine. Ramone, Dave said to stop playing with it and was very hot, always wants to kiss him, but untilif it were me. I did not know they tell you. I turned to him and walked slowly into a kiss. He was not the first black man I had the pleasure of kissing, but the feeling of a big mouth and used black breath, and passion is something that gives me a tingle just thinking. We kissed a few times, opened his mouth, but the language does not really. They were slow kiss, soft and romantic. I was surprised how well you kiss the old black was out of shape and how hot (and wet), I was quickly getting. When I opened my eyes and squeezed his eyes mastishare were like Christmas lights. I was very grateful (it was Dave ) and he said it was not a problem and needs to leave it at that, but somehow I whispered loudly that it's really not that bad. Ramone mastishare was mastishare flattered and sooo drunk. He stood up and extended his hand to say David was promised a dinner and dance, and like me, I whispered again to say out loud: 'Yeah, what Dave promises' We all laughed, as this black man chubb parents my age is mand in his arms and held me tight as they staggered like drunks on the RB slow. David stood up and said he would clean up the mess and get the dinner dishes and pretended to save him a dance. If I know that Dave had some cleaning will take place. I did not know where, but I knew it was going to spy on us with his cock. From the moment we started dancing, I 've noticed the poor old man had a hard life. It was obvious that he was ahead of me and now, as it was in my belly pierced just under my boobs. I closed my eyes and it was the heat of his hard cock against me. I could not stop looking at last, and he said he was sorry for that. I could not help saying that in a million years, it was my fault. Then he said he was very proud for the last time to kiss a white girl dream. It sounded so sweet mastishare and whispered aloud. 'I 'm glad I could help' The man was found in a cloud, because he is head down andI kissed her again. This time with more passion and complete language. I think my head was somewhere in the clouds, as they kissed back. As they were kissing passionately right there in our living room, she slid one of my hands between us and rubbed his penis hard and black slowly. He started moaning loudly saying he would cum in his pants, so I quickly unpacked it and pulled his rock hard, dripping black cock and bent and wrapped My sweet red lips around it and how I started he was sucking fat loads of hot juice in my mouth, I swallowed and swallowed. This type could not believe his luck. We were sitting on the couch, when Dave came It was getting late and we all decided to call it a night.
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